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Diane and Jay Plesset

11/27/2011 Update and links:

Great site with many eco-friendly gifts: GreenDepot.com

Another good gift site:

Christmas Designers.com

Other links mentioned on the show:







Mascot Listen To Today's Home Sign"Today's Home"is an internet talk show on Lifestyle WebRadio, aired live every  week, with frequent re-broadcasts.   BEGINNING ON MAY 1, the live broadcast will move to Sunday from 4:00-5:30 PM (PT), 7:00 – 8:30  PM (ET).   The Sunday show will be re-broadcast the following Saturday at 9:00 AM (PT).  Toll-free number: 888-886-8824.

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Diane Plesset, the host of "Today's Home," is a Homeowner Advocate and certified designer with 25+ years of experience in building and remodeling, and the author of "THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling" (which won the 2003 NABE award for Best How-to Book).   She believes the only way for people to make great decisions is to have reliable information from a trusted resource.  To give you a variety of information about numerous subjects, Diane invites special guests to share advice and opinions.  The main goal of "Today's Home"™ is to inform you about:

►  Legislation that will affect you

► The economy and foreclosures

► Sustainability and "green" choices

► Lifetime livability (aka aging-in-place and universal design)

► New products

► Home remodeling and decorating how-to's, hints, and trends

► Safety issues for the entire family, including product recalls

► Latest technology


The second goal of "Today's Home"™ is to entertain you, with anecdotes and real-life examples.  Send an e-mail to Diane with your program ideas, questions, comments, and suggestions.

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